Manufacturer’s representative for family owned companies making products for Coaters, and Converters.

About Us


Our Purpose

ROMIJODO is a family run business created with the purpose of simplifying our customers’ purchasing experience. We will work with you to streamline your transactional costs through our “One Stop Shopping” model. Our customer centric vision is to provide prompt answers and comprehensive material solutions for adhesive coaters, and Pressure Sensitive Adhesive converters. Primarily focused on the Western U.S. and Mexico markets, segments served include: Graphic Arts, Labels, Automotive, Electronics, and Tapes.



Ron Hix has more than 20 years’ experience in the  coated paper, films and adhesives industry. He has technical knowledge of silicones, adhesives, and multiple substrates. He also understands coating and converting processes.

Ron’s proven successful track record and reputation for quick response to customers' needs led him to establishing ROMIJODO (a mash up combination of his wife and children’s names).  We have found that through representing several complementary manufacturers, our customers can streamline their purchasing agreements while reducing transactional costs. 

Years of experience have taught Ron that customers want:  

 • Prompt communication and response to phone calls, emails, and texts

 • Face to face meetings to discuss complex solutions and problem solving 

• Technical competency of the products being presented 

• General understanding of customer’s business, industry and processes

 • Consolidation of vendors to simplify work flow


Product Lines sold

Acrylic, coater ready, Emulsion & Solvent Adhesives 

  • For Labels & Graphics 
  • For Foam Bonding 
  • For General Converting

 Coated Papers and Films

  • used for release liners in adhesive coating operations
  • used as secondary liners for converting & die-cutting

Poly Films without silicone

  • PVC
  • Polypropylene 
  • Polyethylene 
  • Static Cling VInyl

Water based and Solvent based release coatings

  • Create self wound films and papers, no release liner needed
  • Product is sold in concentrated form, and is diluted prior to coating

Acrylic-based, emulsion solutions  

  • They adhere to PVC, BOPP, and PET to allow for ink receptivity.
  • Coater ready for gravure or slot die

Product Selectons

Click on a file to download.

Release liners- Silicone coated Papers (pdf)


Release Liners - Silicone coated Films (pdf)


Release liners - Poly coated Papers with Silicone (pdf)


Water based adhesives (pdf)


Water based Release Coating for Films (pdf)


Water based Release coating for Papers (pdf)


Solvent Release coating for Films (pdf)


Ultra Removable water based adhesive for PVC, and Labels (PDF)


Ink receptive coating for films (pdf)


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